Tropical Island Environment

Our tropical island environment is very sensitive. Noa Noa’s towers 200 feet above sea level and is surrounded by a thriving coral sanctuary. We operate our resort in harmony with the needs of our marine neighbors by making ecologically responsible choices in the operation of our island estate. Fresh water at Noa Noa is spring-sourced, not desalinated. (‘De-sal’ water requires fuel-power, and creates a concentrated salt byproduct, which is unhealthy for our marine ecosystem. Solar energy powers Noa Noa. We operate a 10 KVA (kilowatt) solar grid which generates electricity from solar power, enabling us to run electricity in all island facilities, 24-hours a day. We love our fans. Bedrooms at Noa Noa are equipped with both air-con and electric fans, but use of air-con is restricted to certain seasons and hours of day. To keep our island quiet and clean, we favor electric fans (powered by solar energy) and ocean breezes to cool our guests. Please notify us in advance, if you would like to request greater use of air conditioning. With advance notice, we may be able to accommodate your request. We protect the butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies (and other wildlife in our unique environment) by using an organic herbal solution to create an unfriendly habitat for mosquitos at Noa Noa. People, plants, birds—and even anteaters—are safe to enjoy our island, free of toxins. Most laundry is not processed on Noa Noa. We utilize facilities on the Palawan mainland, which use drainage systems far from protected marine ecology.