NoaNoa Spa is an exotic massage and spa sanctuary for men, women, and couples. NoaNoa Spa is located in the peaceful center of NoaNoa Private Island Estate, in Palawan. Your spa treatment begins the moment you enter NoaNoa Spa. Slip your feet into a complimentary foot bath. Feel your tension melt away as a soothing foot massage begins. Sip an herbal tea or a cold drink while your your masseuses prepare to soothe, nurture, and stimulate your body with full spa treatments designed to renew, restore, and rejuvenate your body and skin during your private island vacation or retreat. NoaNoa Spa includes facilities for every indulgence. Relaxation awaits you in our massage rooms and other spa facilities. Enjoy a marble room for body scrubs and wraps, a facial and hair nourishment area, a napping room, and a yoga area. Awaken your senses in our Secret Garden, equipped with a cold water plunge tub and other outdoor bathing features – surrounded by lush tropical trees and plants.

Massage Services

Healing Massage - Hilot Massage Filipino healing massage is slow, healing, and deliberate – a perfect choice for pain relief. In Hilot Massage, your masseuse will use traditional techniques, applying firm fingers and palm pressure to your body with soothing herbal oils. Relax as this massage dissolves your anxiety and diffuses your aches or stress-related pains.
  • 60-minute Hilot Massage using natural scented oil

Php 1,700 (60 minutes) 

King’s Massage - Masahe ng Hari The King’s massage relaxes every inch of your body. Masahe ng Hari begins with a relaxing foot treatment, awakens your body with a foot reflexology treatment before healing you with a 90-minute traditional Hilot Massage. Finally, you are pampered with a soothing head and scalp massage that encourages circulation and hydration to enhance the strength, shine, and fullness of your hair.
  • Foot soak, wash, and scrub
  • 10-minute foot reflexology
  • 90-minute Hilot Massage using natural scented oil
  • Head and scalp massage with hair treatment

Php 2,000 (2 hours)

Hot Stone Massage - Hilot sa Bato

In a Hot Stone Massage, your masseuse uses smooth volcanic stones to deepen your relaxation and improve the flow of energy in your body. Heated stones can warm up tight muscles, releasing them for your masseuse’s healing hands.

  • 10-minute foot reflexology
  • 90-minute Hilot Massage using smooth volcanic stones and herbs

Php 2,000 (2 hours)

Couples Massage - Magkasintahang Massage Couples Massages include intimate full-body massages for two guests at a time, performed in synchronized movement by two masseuses. Couples massages are performed in the couples massage room at NoaNoa Spa. Masseuses use a sensual blend of massage oils to enhance your relaxation.
  • 60-minute couples massage

Php 2,200 (60 minutes)

Handrail  Massage - Hilot sa paa In a Handrail Massage, your barefoot masseuse balances and supports herself using a handrail on the ceiling, and gracefully walks across your back. Using gravity to deliver deep pressure, she applies massage strokes with her feet to target specific pressure points, and that glide over your body and pump away tightness and fatigue from your muscles. Handrail treatment awakens your body, and is followed by an exquisite traditional full-body massage.
  • 30-minute handrail treatment
  • 60-minute full-body massage

Php 2,000 (90 minutes) 

Hair and Scalp Massage & Treatment Your masseuse will pamper you with a soothing massage of your head, scalp, and shoulders – followed by a hair treatment. Head and scalp massages encourage circulation and hydration to enhance the strength, shine, and fullness of your hair. Hair treatment uses coconut and avocado cream to enhance strength and shine of your hair.
  • Head, scalp, and shoulder massage
  • Hair treatment

Php 1,200 (60 minutes)

Complete Foot Spa Treatment - Mala-Diosang Paa NoaNoa’s Complete Foot Spa Treatment includes and exceeds the offerings in your pampering welcome. The Complete Foot Treatment begins with a deluxe wash, soak and scrub. Then, our masseuses beautify your feet with a pedicure fit for a VIP. The Complete Foot Spa treatment then culminates in an intensive foot massage using an ergonomically carved hardwood stick on the soles of your feet, to unlock all your tension and push you to new heights of vigor and stimulation.
  • Foot soak, wash, and scrub
  • Pedicure (toenail cutting and grooming)
  • 60-minute intensive foot massage

Php 1,700 (90 minutes)

Body Scrubs & Skin Treatments

We use natural ingredients to cleanse and nourish your skin at NoaNoa Spa. Our Body Scrubs and Skin Treatments leave your skin feeling soft, sensitive, and smooth. Guests shower at the spa before all body scrub treatments. Maginhawa Tropical Body Scrub Our Maginhawa treatment cools, soothes, and rehydrates your skin. It is especially good for sunburned skin. Fresh papaya and cucumber skin treatment.

Php 2,000 (2 hours)

Kapeng Bigas Body Scrub Our all-natural “Coffee” treatment indulges your senses with a rich aroma while exfoliating and rejuvenating your skin. Our unpolished rice exfoliant will leave your skin glowing.

Php 2,000 (2 hours) 

Sapal Coconut Tropical Body Scrub Our Sapal treatment cleanses and rejuvenates your skin. It is an excellent treatment for all skin types – even sensitive skin. Freshly grated coconut skin treatment.

Php 2,000 (2 hours)


Deep Cleansing Facial This cleansing facial treatment removes impurities while hydrating and invigorating your skin, using all-natural flower-based ingredients. Designed for oily skin. Healing Facial Mask This healing facial treatment removes impurities while replenishing your skin with vitamins and minerals.