Your Palawan Tropical Island

Explore NoaNoa, your private Palawan tropical island. NoaNoa is yours to explore from every angle. Rest your eyes on breathtaking views, secluded beaches, and exotic trees and birds. All await your arrival at your private tropical island paradise in Palawan.

Pathways & Footbridges

Take a walk along these  special pathways and footbridges, designed for your delight. Cross the footbridges to extra-special island destinations, if you're feeling adventurous. Up, down and all around–getting around NoaNoa is easy with so many pathways.

Tropical Island Views

The  pristine tropical waters around NoaNoa Island are studded with beautiful limestone islands. The views in every direction are superb.

Towering Trees

As a private island, NoaNoa is able to remain a carefully protected habitat for tropical trees (and the birds who love them). Many beautiful trees bless the island, providing plenty of shade, and supporting a thriving population of birds.  It is rare for an island to have such a quantity and diversity of mature trees.