Helipad & Pier

NoaNoa Island's pier and helipad in the Philippines are great for 007 landings. They're also perfect for seaside candlelight dinners. Both helipad and pier are located right here on NoaNoa Private Island. NoaNoa is located off the NW coast of Palawan in Taytay Bay. (Taytay is 60 km south of El Nido.) Dock your boat or land your bird here when you visit NoaNoa. Set your course for NoaNoa. Our GPS coordinates are: +10° 59' 28.06", +119° 35' 36.18" Let us know how we can make your candlelight dreams come true.

NoaNoa Helipad

Contact NoaNoa in advance, to use our helipad for your helicopter landing on NoaNoa Island.

NoaNoa Pier

Dock your boat directly at NoaNoa Island. The Pier on NoaNoa Island - Palawan, Philippines