Beach Bar & Kitchen

The Beach Bar & Beach Kitchen at NoaNoa Island are located right beside our sandy tropical beach. Swim in the ocean and rinse in the changing room adjacent to the bar. The Beach Bar and Beach Kitchen are your dining and daytime entertainment centers at NoaNoa Island.

Beach Bar

The Beach Bar is a comfortable place in the shade for sitting or lounging. The bar serves specialty fruit juices and smoothies as well as popular soft and hard drinks, beer, and wine. Adjacent to the bar are a changing room with shower, a separate comfort room, and a shower out on the beach. We welcome you to eat, drink, swim, snorkel, and shower to your heart's content during your private island vacation.

Beach Kitchen

Located a few steps away from The Beach Bar is our Beach Kitchen, complete with an authentic Italian wood-fired oven.  Delightful treats flow from the Beach Kitchen throughout the day. Tropical ocean breezes mix with delicious aromas to add delight to your vacation getaway or private retreat.