Palawan Private Island Rental

About The Island

Imagine NoaNoa Private Island as your Palawan private island rental. NoaNoa includes six distinctive environments for your enjoyment, and is surrounded by a 70-hectare tropical coral reef, teeming with marine wildlife. When you rent NoaNoa Island, only you (and guests invited by you) will be here. Six unique bedrooms in two beautifully crafted guest houses are available for you and your guests. Each bedroom includes a king size bed and private bathroom. NoaNoa Island can accommodate 12 guests at a time. With your private island rental, everything is included. Spa, snorkeling gears, non-motorize beach toys, bar service, boats, and breakfast in bed—all amenities are included during your stay. Our hospitality staff will be here to make sure your tropical island vacation is as perfect as it can be. During select weeks, NoaNoa bedrooms are available individual booking. All amenities are available to guests booking as individuals at an a-la-carte rate.

About Palawan

Palawan is one of the most pristine tropical islands in the Philippines. Located about 80 minutes from Manila (by air), Palawan is home to breathtaking tropical beaches, exotic coral reefs, and thriving terrestrial wildlife. NoaNoa Island is located about 30 minutes (by speedboat) off the northeast coast of Palawan. As a private island, NoaNoa is able to carefully protect the indigenous Palawan plants and wildlife in our sensitive tropical island environment.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  1. Where is NoaNoa?
  2. How can I travel to NoaNoa?
  3. What is the weather/climate?
  4. Who can stay at NoaNoa?
  5. What is included in the NoaNoa experience?
  1. Where is NoaNoa? NoaNoa Private Island is located in the waters of northeast Palawan, a beautiful tropical island in the Philippines. Our surrounding waters are Taytay Bay of the Sulu Sea.
  2. How can I travel to NoaNoa? NoaNoa Island is reachable by air, land, and sea. a) Travelers aboard private seaplanes, helicopters, or boats are welcome to arrive directly at NoaNoa Island. GPS coordinates for NoaNoa Island are: 10° 59' 28.06", +119° 35' 36.18". Our helipad and pier are yours for landing and docking. b) Travelers on scheduled flights, fly first to Manila, then to Palawan (approximately 80 minutes from Manila). Then, follow our directions for ground transportation on our Travel page. We will meet you in the town of Taytay, and transport you to NoaNoa by speedboat.
  3. What is the weather/climate? Palawan experiences a wet season (June-October) and a dry season (January-May). Dry season is usually considered high season. October is usually an ideal time to visit the Philippines. Some Palawan locals prefer the wet season for the lushness of the vegetation and fresh clean air.

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