Additional Travel Information

AIR TRANSPORTATION There are 2 airports in Palawan on either side of Taytay, where you will get on a boat for NoaNoa Island: El Nido and Puerto Princesa City. The Taytay/Sandoval Airport is just a few miles from NoaNoa Island. Unfortunately, The Taytay airport is closed while the runway receives new concrete. It should have been complete months ago but we are still waiting. The El Nido Airport is much closer to NoaNoa Island but it is a small private airport that may be difficult to find on most travel / internet search engines. A good agency for booking flights to El No and Puerto Princesa City is: El Nido Art Cafe. Contact:  (0063) 917 560 4020. Email: and/or They are knowledgeable, courteous and service oriented. EL NIDO El Nido is about a 90 minute drive to Taytay on the National Highway which is under construction. The El Nido Airport is the home of ITI Airlines offering 50 pax turbo prop aircraft service from Manila for about P7,000/ person one way. Private vans can be reserved to meet your flight and take you to Taytay / Casa Rosa for about P3,500 one way. For public transport, ask the airport staff to request a tricycle from the main gate. A tricycle can take you to the public bus terminal or El Nido town for about P200 for 2 people. Buses or shuttle vans leave from the El Nido Bus Terminal and charge about P300/ person to the Taytay terminal. PUERTO PRINCESA Puerto Princesa City is about a 3.75 hour drive to Taytay on mostly empty roads. It is a pleasant drive on concrete roads through mountains, jungle, coastal and rice paddy scenery. The Puerto Princesa Airport offers many airlines with big jets from Manila (and a few other Filipino cities) for about P2,800/ person one way. Private vans can be reserved to meet your flight and take you to Taytay for about P6,000 one way. For public transport take a tricycle across town (often heavy traffic in town) to the Puerto Bus Terminal for about P200 for 2 people. Buses or shuttle vans leave from the terminal and charge about P450/ person to the Taytay terminal. There might be semi private shuttle vans available at the Puerto airport for a higher rate that may seem ok to you. Make sure you know when your van will depart and where it will be stopping along the way. Airlines servicing Puerto Princesa City are: Philippine Airlines (, Cebu Pacific Airlines (, Air Asia (, Tiger Air (, SEA Air ( and (to Coron or charter anywhere in Ph.) TAYTAY Go to CasaRosa Inn for NoaNoa Island information. A tricycle from the bus terminal into Taytay town / Casa Rosa Inn costs about P60 for 2 people with a reasonable amount of luggage. You will be greeted at the Casa Rosa Inn and have a comfortable place to relax, have a cold drink, order some lunch or just enjoy the commanding view of Taytay town, the 16th century Spanish fortress and all of Taytay Bay. Casa Rosa is in contact with NoaNoa Island and will keep you informed of boat details and escort you to the NoaNoa speedboat when everything is ready. Taytay is a small non tourist town. A quick stroll through town can be interesting. There is an ancient Spanish fortress (built in the 1600s) that is now a historic site. The best place to stay or dine in Taytay is the Casa Rosa Inn, up on the hill. The NoaNoa speedboat is scheduled to depart Taytay at 3:00 pm. Arrival at CasaRosa by 2:30 is a good schedule. Early departures can be arranged in advance but late departures are discouraged. We never run the speedboats in the dusk or dark for safety reasons. For late (dark) departures we can arrange transportation on a local wooden boat (banca). We only arrange large safe bangcas and the cost is P3,000 per voyage. In windy or big wave conditions a banca voyage is a wet one, for sure! BUSES If traveling by bus the big new air con buses are most comfortable, have the fewest stops and are most reliable. Even if you are told “10 minutes” the bus probably will not leave until full. Other older buses without air con are a priced a bit lower and can be very colourful if not comfortable. SHUTTLE VANS “Private van” means you and the driver are the only occupants. Start when and where you want, stop when you want. Pubilc shuttle vans are quite different. Maybe you will get a van that is clean and new with a courteous driver but maybe you won’t. Shuttle vans usually fill every seat. When one would think a van is full, 4 more people are often squeezed in. It is a good idea to inspect the proposed vehicle for safety. It is possible the driver will drive like a madman with loud noises from a damaged stereo and the air con either way too cold or not working at all. You will be told “10 minutes” but the van will rarely leave until full. An interesting option for public shuttle vans is the:, offering an up scale van service along the Puerto-Taytay-El Nido road. It costs about double the regular shuttle van price but is very professional and comfortable. You can book it online. OTHERS NoaNoa GPS coordinates are: 10° 50’ 28.06”N 119° 35’ 36.18”E Rental cars (self drive) are scarce and expensive. Rental motorcycles are affordable and plentiful. Sea Planes are rare in the Philippines. At this time, only one Cessna 182 (2 or 3 passenger, total weight limit 500lbs.) based in the Manila area charging about P200,000 to come down to Palawan. At this time, there are no Helicopters for rent available in Palawan. There are many in Manila but the trip down to Palawan starts around P400,000 for a Bell 206 Jet Ranger with larger helicopters costing more. has an 8 pax seaplane based in Manila (sorry, no quote available at this time.)

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